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Hot Jobs

We are looking to hire a talented iOS developer to design, build, and maintain the next generation of iOS applications. Your primary focus will be developing high-end iOS applications for the latest Apple mobile devices. Your duties may include collaborating with the design team for new application features, identifying and fixing application bottlenecks, maintaining the core code, and updating applications published on the App Store.

We are searching for a brilliant, flexible android developer to create novel apps that meet the needs of our target audience. To this end, the android developer's responsibilities include writing and proofreading code, liaising with coworkers within and outside of their department, and monitoring customers' feedback. Over time, you will also be required to create app updates.

We are searching for an accountable, multitalented data engineer to facilitate the operations of our data scientists. The data engineer will be responsible for employing machine learning techniques to create and sustain structures that allow for the analysis of data while remaining familiar with dominant programming and deployment strategies in the field. During various aspects of this process, you should collaborate with coworkers to ensure that your approach meets the needs of each project.

We are seeking a talented and responsible Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Engineer to streamline our business operations through automation. Your role will involve identifying automation opportunities, designing and deploying RPA bots using leading tools, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. As an RPA Engineer, you will be responsible for maintaining accurate documentation, conducting testing, and continuously improving RPA solutions. Strong programming skills, process automation knowledge, and the ability to work in a dynamic environment are essential for this role.

We match incredible tech talent with exceptional empoyers

Our clients are always hunting for top tech  talent and our goal is to find our candidates the best environment to accelerate their careers. All our positions and candidates will require skills in Python, R, SAS, Spark, SQL, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Tableau and PowerBI.

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